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~ Example: The Excellent Matriarch by Fond Matt~
Ridgedale Fond Example

Excellent 3E-95 GMD

A 4th Generation VG or EX

  7-4 365D 46,050M 1741F 3.8% 1354P 2.9%
(New York State Production leader)
Lifetime:   185,450M 6854F 3.7% 5829P 3.1%

The Example Family at Ridgedale

|       |
             Ridgedale Estelle-ET    Ridgedale Emerald                
                             |            |
  Emmylou *RC

Ridgedale Estelle.jpg (34622 bytes)     Ridgedale Estelle-ET

NOW Excellent  2E-95
2nd Generation EX-95

6th Generation VG or EX
Sire: Lindy
Dam: Example

2-01 365D  25,040   877F  3.5%
                             738P   2.9%
3-05 365D  32,840  1159F 3.5%
                              962P 2.9%
4-10 365D  35,580  1403F 3.9%
                             1013P 2.8%
Lifetime todate: 148,209M

Estelle has a tall, long 11/99 heifer by Altagen Madison. She also has daughters on the farm by Rudolph, Mandel, Progress and Ridgedale Morry [Mink family]. She also has embryos available by Mandel, Storm, Progress and Ridgedale Morry.

Ridgedale Emerald.jpg (29330 bytes) Ridgedale Emerald

Excellent 2E-90
6th Generation EX or VG
Sire: Triple Threat
Dam: Example

6-3 365D  34,902  1295F  3.7%
                          1165P   3.4%

Emerald has embryos available by Comestar Lee.  She also has two daughters featured below, Elita and Emmylou *RC.

Ridgedale Elita.jpg (26972 bytes) Ridgedale Elita

7th Generation Excellent or Very Good
Sire:  Raider
Dam:Ridgedale Emerald

5-5  278D 24,335   902F   719P    Inc.

Elita has daughters on the farm by Pinehurst Starz and a bred heifer by Milan.


Ridgedale Emmylou.jpg (33380 bytes) Ridgedale Emmylou*RC

7th Generation EX or VG
Sire: Blackjack
Dam: Ridgedale Emerald

3-2 365D  25,679  1033F  4.0%
                            867P   3.4%

Emmylou has three young daughters on the farm by Triple Threat, Horizon Ranger, and Mirage.

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