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~ Roxy:  The Queen of the Breed ~
Glenridge Citation Roxy
4E-97 GMD 6*

7 lactations:
186,982M   4.5%  8330F

The Roxy Family at Ridgedale

A Mil-R-Mor Roxette
|                    |
Bond Haven Mark Roxy   C Hanoverhill Star Roxy

|                    |
C Hanoverhill MD Roxette         Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda-TW
                                                Hanover-Hill-R Mi Rochelle *RC 

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Roxy's Best Daughter:

Mil-R-Mor Roxette
EX-Can GMD-DOM 30*

6 lactations:   121,415M  4.7%   5726F

Two of Roxette's Best Daughters -
Mark Roxy and Star Roxy

C Bond Haven Mark Roxy.jpg (35086 bytes) Bond Haven Mark Roxy-ET
5th Generation Excellent

Dam: Mil-R-Mor Roxette

5-2 365d 39,120 3.6% 1394F 3.1% 1208P
5 lactations:
         187,889 3.6%  6778F 3.1%  5824P

Has sons in AI in Canada

Purchased at the 1998 Hanover-Hill Dispersal, Bond Haven Mark Roxy now makes her home at Ridgedale. She has a 9/98 heifer by Comestar Lee and embryos available by Jed, Raider, Darkstar and Mandel. She also has a mature daughter at Ridgedale, C Hanoverhill MD Roxette-ET.

Hanoverhill MD Roxette.jpg (31297 bytes) C Hanoverhill MD Roxette-ET
VG-89 1st lactation
Potential 6th generation Excellent

2-9 350d 32,314 1122F 3.5% 991P 3.1%                                   Inc.

MD Roxette has embryos available by Storm and Progress and a 9/98 Comestar Lee daughter on the farm.

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C Hanoverhill Star Roxy-ET

Excellent 2E-92 GMD-DOM 2*
5th Generation EX
Dam: Mil-R-Mor Roxette

2 lactations:  78,300M   4.6%  3590F
                                   3.5%   2742P

Star Roxy is a full sister to HH Raider and has sons in AI in Canada, Germany, and South America.

One of her most popular daughters, Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda-TW, makes her home at Ridgedale.

Hanoverhill R Rhonda.jpg (33408 bytes) Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda-TW

NOW Excellent-3E-94
6th Generation Excellent
Dam: C Hanoverhill Star Roxy-ET

3-11 365D 34,200M   4.2%   1450F
                               3.3%   1123P
6-2 365D  38,816M   4.0%   1562F
                                 3.1%   1215P

By Leadman, Rhonda has Lindy and Skycheif sons that just entered the Young Sire program at Taurus Service.  Her 10/99 Progress son is available.

Rhonda's Red-carrier daughter by Milestone, Rochelle, is quickly becoming the Princess of this great cow family!

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Hanover-Hill-R Mi Rochelle*RC

Very Good-88, 1st lactation
Potential 7th Generation Excellent

2-8  365D  24,919M  4.6%  1130F
                               3.6%    868P

Rochelle is currently being flushed. Your inquiry is always welcome. She already has a Mirage son in AI at Taurus Service and two RED sons at Trans World Genetics. She also has 4 pregnancies by SFL Shandy.

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