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The location of your cabin is one of the most important decisions to make.  Study the deck plans very carefully.  You may not care for a cabin located near an elevator, stairwell or disco, under the pool, kitchen or dance floor,  or if the Promenade or lifeboats are right outside the window.  You will decide on categories based on the number of people traveling, location of cabin (you'll experience less movement amidships) and your budget (remember, except on the QE2, each passenger eats the same food and enjoys the same facilities regardless of cabin category).  Keep in mind that triples, quads and wheelchair-accessible cabins are limited and reservations need to be made as early as possible.

Ocean's Motions & Potions...

Motion sickness can be most distressing, especially  when you have saved a long time for this wonderful trip.  The larger ships have stabilizers that offset this motion.  If you know you are likely to suffer, over-the-counter remedies such as Dramamine or various transdermal patches or accupressure bracelets are effective.  It will help if you do not eat or drink excessively, eating smaller, more frequent meals.  Fixing your eyes on the horizon helps, and if your cabin is amidships you will find it easier to sleep.  As a last resort, the ship's Doctor can give you a shot of Promethezine.

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