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Travel Insurance
It is strongly recommended that you obtain travel insurance on any cruise.  While it is likely that on a trip of such a short duration, in good weather, in good health, with only two bags, you will not need insurance, this is coverage for the unexpected problem. 

Coverage may be for any or all of these:

  • Flight delay or missed connection (for expenses that are incurred to join the trip and/or return home)
  • Trip cancellation or interruption (non-refundable published penalties and expenses when you are prevented from taking or completing a trip)
  • Itinerary changes (such as bad weather)
  • Baggage loss or misplacement
  • Medical
    • Accidents to or from, onboard or in port
    • Evacuation due to severe illness/injury
    • Costs of a family member to accompany the injured person
    • Hospitalization
    • Pre-existing conditions (read the waiver carefully)
  • Cancellation
    • by you for any reason
    • by the Line for a variety of reasons
    • by Bankruptcy (theirs, not yours)
  • AD&D
Determine your needs and review the policies (you may take all or only parts of the package).  The premiums are largely determined by the age of the oldest traveller, and the length and cost of the cruise (the average being about 6%).  This coverage must usually be purchased within 7 to 14 days from the time of your down payment, and can be obtained from the cruise line, your travel agent, or online. 
InsureMyTrip  (compares many different travel insurance companies)

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