The Greenhouse Spa
  Spa Services In-Port Specials
August, 2005


1 treatment  $132.00
Course of 3  $330.00

lonithermie is an anti cellulite body corrective
therapy With gentle stimulation we will work on the
stomach, thighs and buttocks, firming and toning
skin and muscles Excellent for fluid retention,
arthritis & back pain. With the added benefit of
losing betsveen I - 8 inches. Sounds too good to be
true? Let us prove it to voul

La Therapie Oxygen Lifting Facial

55 minutes   $109.00

Specialised anti-ageing facial customized to suit
your individual needs. It corrects skin concerns lifts,
firms and tightens reduces dark circles, pufflness
and rehvdrates the skin Treatment creams are then
applied to protect the skin, leaving you feeling
relaxed and rejuvenated We guarantee no breakouts!

Japanese Silk Booster Facial

                              75 minutes $130.00
With Eye Zone     90 minutes $190.00

This advanced booster facial containing natural
Japanese Silk Protein is combined with pure plant
phaloamine biocomplexes The Eye Zone Therapy uses
lifting techniques to help redefine, oxygenate
and increase cellular renewal around the eyes
Resulting in a smoother and firmer appearance with a
soft and silky texture.

Aromaspa Detox Massage

                                               55 minutes              $127.00
With Back Massage             80 minutes              $176.00
With Full Body Massage     1 hour 50 minutes  $228.00

Experience the riches of the ocean with a seaweed
mask encasing the body to warm the muscles and
stimulate the lymphatic system, This is the ultimate
number one detoxifying massage treatment in
Europe. Excellent for arthritis, fatigue, muscle
spasm and fluid retention. Relax with a scalp and foot
massage. Rinse away to complete the ritual with your
choice of a 25 minute or 50 minute body massage.
Feel relaxed, refreshed and energised.

Absolute Spa Ritual

1 hour 45 minutes  

The ultimate massage indulgence Experience the 10
touches of Eastern and Western techniques with
reflexology, pressure point & shiatsu massage.
Followed by a 55 minute pressure point Japanese Silk
facial. Complete the ritual with a scalp massage to
send you to a world of sensory heaven.

Aroma Stone Therapy

75 minutes  $175.00

Harnessing the properties of warm hot stones, we
place them on key energy points of the body to
harmonize the spirit The stones give up their power
and warmth to tired muscles promoting inner
peace and tranquillity ,A 0mm rhythm tic massage
with exotic hot oils, The most popular massage in
the spa. A must try!

Spa Tester
Couples Massage
Well Being or Swedish Back Massage
Well Being or Swedish Back Massage
Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Massage
Total Glow Tanning Treatment
Japanese Shiatsu Massage
Exotic Coconut and Milk Wrap
55 minutes
50 minutes
25 minutes
50 minutes 
50 minutes
50 minutes
50 minutes
50 minutes
50 minutes
$ 109.00
$ 242.00
$   72.00
$ 109.00
$ 116.00
$ 141.00
$ 109.00
$ 109.00
$ 129.00


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