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Disclaimer: The Central Church of Christ invites your attention to the web links listed below. In general, we believe that they will provide you with valuable religious resources. However, we cannot certify that all materials found at these links comply with every aspect of Church of Christ doctrine. We urge you to exercise Biblical caution when you visit these links and to remember the words of II Timothy 2:15: "Study to show thyself approved unto God. A workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.




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Worldwide Directory of C of Christ



Internet Bible Study Resource Center


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Special Interest Sites


Southwestern Christian College


National Crusade for Christ


Gospel Advocate Magazine


The Revivalist Magazine


Dr. Tony E. Roach, Sr. Publications


Trinity One Studio Videos

The Southside Singers & Others


Shalonda Inc.

A'cappella Music & Artists


21st Century Christian Bookstore


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Church of Christ Links


Upstate New York Affiliates

East Henrietta Road Church of Christ - Rochester, New York - Bro. Jerry G. Houston

Lawson Road Church of Christ - Rochester, New York - Bro. Peter Horne

Linwood Avenue Church of Christ - Buffalo, New York - Dr. John A. Smiley

Newark Church of Christ Newark, New York Bro. E. T. Greene

Niagara Falls Church of Christ - Niagara Falls, New York - Bro. Eddie J. Cornelius

North Buffalo Church of Christ - Buffalo, New York - Bro. Dick Di Tullio

Northside Church of Christ - Rochester, New York - Bro. Jeffrey Walker

Southside Church of Christ - Henrietta, New York - Bro. Bryan Buttram

Southside Church of Christ - Syracuse, New York - Bro. Charles Cochran

West Avenue Church of Christ - Rochester, New York - Bro. Haze McClary, Sr.










Romans 6:17-18; 1:16-17



John 8:24; Ephesians 1:13



Acts 1:30-31



Romans 10:9-10; Acts 8:35-39



1 Peter 3:20-21; Acts 22:16;

Matthew 28:18-20








"Let us walk worthy

of the vocation

wherein we are called

with all lowliness and

meekness, long-suffering,

forebearing one another

in love and endeavoring

to keep the unity

of the Spirit

in the bond of peace."


Ephesians 4:1-3




Central Weekdays



Prayer Hour:

7:00 PM



New Disciple Study:

6:00 PM



All Ages Bible Classes:

7:00 PM


Out-of-State Affiliates / Prior Guest Evangelists for Central



Abilene Christian University - Abilene, Texas - Dr. Jerry A. Taylor

Avondale/S. Woodlawn C of C - Birmingham, Alabama - Bro. Elijah Bush, Sr.

Central Church of Christ - Baltimore, Maryland - The Late Bro. Humphrey Foutz

Central Pointe C of C - Dallas, Texas - Dr. Reginald Dulin & Min. Rodney Dulin

Chatham-Avalon Church of Christ - Chicago, Illinois - Dr. Daniel Harrison

Church at Pine Hill - Valdosta, Georgia - Bro. Floyd E. Rose

Eastside Church of Christ Pontiac, Michigan Dr. Robert B. Brewington

East Palmetto Church of Christ - Bradenton, Florida - Bro. Thomas Green

Gray Road Church of Christ - Cincinnati, Ohio - Bro. Richard Rose, Sr.

Harlem /Washington Heights/ C of Christ - New York, NY - Dr. O. J. Shabazz

Harvey Church of Christ - Harvey, Illinois - Dr. Jules Hutton

Kashmere Gardens Church of Christ - Houston, Texas - Bro. Richard Barclay

Lake Como Church of Christ - Fort Worth, Texas - Bro. Jack Evans, Jr.

Lampton Street C of C - Mound Bayou, Mississippi - Dr. Harvey M. Jackson

Lawrence and Mauder Church of Christ - Dallas, Texas - Bro. Willie Tucker

Lawrence Ave. /Westside C of Christ - Rockford, Illinois - Dr. Samuell Pounds

Liberty City Church of Christ - Miami, Florida - Dr. Freeman Wyche



Light of the World Church of Christ - Dallas, Texas - Dr. E. D. Seamster, Jr.

Liberty City Church of Christ - Detroit, Michigan - Dr. Mark Thompson

Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ - Dallas, Texas - Dr. David Lane

Metro Church of Christ - Dallas, Texas - Dr. Kenneth Greene

Newark Church of Christ - Newark, New Jersey - Dr. Eugene Lawton

Newburg Church of Christ - Louisville, Kentucky - Bro. Frank M. Smith, Jr.

New Golden Heights C of C - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Dr. W. F. Washington

N. Broadway Church of Christ - Mt. Clemens, Michigan - Dr. James E. Thompson

NE Church of Christ - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Dr. Arnelious Crenshaw

Perris Church of Christ - Perris, California - The Late Bro. Curtis W. McCollum

South Central Church of Christ - Tyler, Texas - Bro. Darryl B. Bowdre

S. English St. Church of Christ - Greensboro, North Carolina - Bro. Julius Green

Southern Hills Church of Christ - Dallas, Texas - Dr. James Maxwell

ASAP A'cappella Southside C of C - Durham, N. Carolina - Bro. William Stephens

Southside Church of Christ - Los Angeles, California - Dr. Carl C. Baccus

Stop Six Church of Christ - Fort Worth, Texas - Bro. J. Darrell Gibbs, Sr.

Wyoming Ave. Church of Christ - Detroit, Michigan - Bro. Dallas A. Walker, Jr.


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