of the Illinois Valley, S. Oregon
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• We are a community oriented Puppet Troupe that has been entertaining throughout the pacific North West (from San Francisco to Seattle) since 1988.
• Our purpose is to inspire a magical, mystical and enchanting experience for individuals, events and groups.
• We meet and greet, dance and frolic, performing many spontaneous acts of lunacy. Children often take hold of our hand or embrace us to make friends.
• We display our giant puppets to enlighten and educate the public. Dancing with them brings out the creative side in festival goers of all ages.
• We organize parades, processions and ceremonies.
• We work to integrate event participants with our Troupe's activities, providing costumes and training for new puppeteers of all ages.

Author: Jill Talise (the Creator)
and Guenter (her merry man).

Eco-Fair in Coburn (near Eugene)
August 29th, 2007