Dedicated to educating the public about Birds of Prey


There are about 20 species of birds of prey that are indiginous -- native -- to New York State. For more than 30 years, Ron Walker and his Friends with Feathers aviary shared information in live bird shows to students and adults in western and central New York.

Since Ron's retirement in 2012, the non-releaseable birds of prey (meaning they can't be released into the wild to survive due to an injury or defect) have been transfered to other educational facilities. (Click here for a list of these facilities.) Ron continues to share his love of nature and these majestic birds with the public through slide presentations and question-and-answer sessions.

In the end we will conserve only what we love.
We love only what we understand.
We understand only what we are taught.

by Baba Doppi


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Ron Walker with a Barn Owl,
showing her ability to turn her head 270 degrees.

(Click on picture to play video.)

For more video, go here: Broad-winged Hawk.



Ron is available to come to your class, youth group, civic organization or social club to give slide presentations on ecology and conservation. Possible topics include:

  • Natural History of Raptors

  • Natural History of Owls

  • Hawk vs. Owl Adaptations

  • Wildlife Conservation/Management

  • Owl Pellets and Mammal Skeletons

  • Socialization and Imprinting of Birds

  • Bird Migration

  • Endangered Species

  • Food Chains

  • Predators and Predation


To schedule your presentation and obtain information regarding program fees, call (585) 346-0423.

Ron has an extensive wildlife education background. He taught high school biology for 30 years and has been a scout leader and nature interpreter for more than 30 years, helping students of all ages to understand their natural environment.

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