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The following are some Tips, Definitions and Terms that are used by the Redeemer Arena community.
Not all the terms in this article are "official", but are mainly just "jargon" or "slang" used by the regulars who play this UT mutator for UT99.
Again, this mutator is for the original version of Unreal Tournament, UT99 - aka UT-G.O.T.Y.
(FYI - NOTE: UT99 and UT-G.O.T.Y. are the SAME game!)
Some of the terms in this article are somewhat "off the cuff" just for the sake of defining an aspect of Redeemer Arena that doesn't necessarily have a definition.
After reading this, you should at least understand what Redeemer Arena Players are talking about when you hear terms like "Loop of Poop" and "Telefrag", etc. A few of the terms are also used in other UT game types, mutators or moderations.

Loop of Poop:

This is a term that you should learn first, because, no doubt, you will experience this the first time you enter into a Redeemer Arena game with some of the more regular experienced players.
The "loop of poop" goes just like this... (Spawn, die. Spawn, die. Spawn, die. Etc...Etc...Etc.)
It is when you spawn and other players already in the map frag you over and over again each time you spawn.
This usually occurs more frequently on the smaller maps like Fractal, Morbias & Pyramid.
Most of the regular experienced players get somewhat of a kick out of seeing New Redeemer Arena players get plastered to the floor on these servers and then attempt to vote for the larger maps to avoid "the loop".
NO ONE is immune to the "Loop Of Poop"!!! No one!!! So don't feel bad if it happens to you!
You should feel GLAD if it happens to you, because with almost all the servers now days, it is difficult for this to happen because of the Spawn Protectors used by virtually ALL of the Redeemer servers now - Except "CG" and "CMM"!
("CG" or Curious George's Redeemer Insanity)
{CG} is An Original "Classic" Redeemer Server and is Still one of the Very BEST Redeemer Servers!
{CMM} is a Newer Redeemer Server and is Fastly becoming one of the Very BEST "PRO" Redeemer Servers with its New Redeemer mod!
Both of these awesome Redeemer servers hold on to the Original, Traditional Redeemer Arena standards of Excellence!
Neither "CG" or "CMM" use spawn protection - It is both a bit clumsy and also mainly considered "Wimpy" by the better redeemer servers and players.
"CG" is the Only Redeemer server that is still mostly Classic "Old Skool" as far as we know! (see below for more on this)
"Loop Of Poop" is (Traditionally) considered as "Part of the Game" for Redeemer Arena and it can and does happen to us all who play it! (See more on this below)
NOTE: Some Redeemer Arena servers use some sort of Spawn Protection that eliminates the "Loop of Poop" from happening in their servers!
"MRS" (MEATs Redeemer Screamer) uses Spawn Protection. - NO Loop Of Poop here! - WIMPY!
But then again this is OK as "MRS" is more for beginners that Need the Protection when spawning. LOL
As you become more skilled at Redeemer Arena, MRS's "Old" mods called "MEATdeemer" or "SEEKdeemer", become more boring.
At this point, when players at {MRS} start getting bored, and also become more skilled, they will most likely then "graduate" to servers where more skill is needed and there is much more EXCITEMENT, like at {CG}, and the more modded PRO-Redeemer servers like {CMM}.
At servers like MRS (with Spawn Protection) you can still Spawn Kill, but you receive a penalty of one kind or another if you do when Spawn Protection is activated on the server.
"CG" (Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity) and "CMM" (CROSSBONES Lucifurs MISSILE MADNESS) do NOT use Spawn Protection!
So you can still get in the Traditional Redeemer mod's Loop Of Poop at "CG" or "CMM". - YAY!!! :)

Spawn Killing:

This is a term that is used for most UT game types and is directly related to the "loop of poop" so this term will be explained next.
This type of fragging (We assume you know what fragging is - it is when you smite your enemy) happens when a player fires their missiles into an area that is a designated spawning area. (where a spawn point is or Player Start)
Spawn killing works best on small to medium size maps where there are not as many spawn points in the map to spawn at.
Spawn killing is the quickest means to ending a map.
Again, Spawn killing is used in the "Loop of Poop" and it is considered by the Hard Core Redeemer Players as "Part of the Game" for Redeemer Arena and it can and does happen to us ALL who play it!
NOTE: Some Redeemer Arena servers use some sort of Spawn Protection that eliminates the "Loop of Poop" and Spawn Killing from happening in their servers!
Again, Spawn Protection is more for "beginner" servers to help Newbie players out.* (See "*" servers below)
"MRS" (MEATs Redeemer Screamer) uses Spawn Protection.*
"ROVH" (Redeemers Of Virtual Hate) Also used Spawn Protection.* (NOTE: ROVH is now defunct)
"CG" (Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity) does NOT use Spawn Protection.
"CMM" (CROSSBONES Lucifurs MISSILE MADNESS) does NOT use Spawn Protection.
NOTE: You can still Spawn Kill with Spawn Protection, but you receive a penalty of one kind or another if you do when Spawn Protection is activated on the server.


Aka "Hide-N-Glide":
This technique is where you find a good hiding spot, use your alternate firing button (Right clicking is Default) and guide your missile around a map.
Hide-N-Guide (or Hide-N-Glide) can be used on any size map.
It is an effective way to spawn kill on the small maps and best way to stay out of harms way and seek out your opponent on the larger maps.
Example of Hide-N-Guide 
Virtually ALL Redeemer Arena players Hide-N-Guide at one time or another.
Pictured below are a few common hiding places and are by no means the only or best hiding spots. (See Links below)
There are numerous others to look for including overhangs, hallways, closets, alcoves, hidden (invisible wall) rooms or any other little knook & cranny you get fit your back side into. There are two good rules to remember when looking for a good place to hide.
1) If it is difficult to maneuver a missile OUT of, then it is almost equally as difficult to get one INTO you.
2) Someone else will probably want that same spot you have.
Hiding Spot Pictured Examples...
Acid? <-(not recommended LOL)

The Spread:

aka "The Spray" or also "Spray-N-Pray": 
(Note also, See: "Strategic Firing" below! - there is a difference!)
This is definitely not one to use on very small maps or in close quarters, unless you just want to break the record for number of deaths in a match.
The idea here is to spread your missiles over as large an area as possible and thereby increasing your chance of hitting somebody somewhere.
At the same time this decreases your chances of getting whacked by incoming missiles yourself due to all the flack you are creating in the process.
Be careful also as this "Spray-N-Pray" can also create a "beacon" showing exactly where YOU are!
Example of The Spread or Spray-N-Pray 

Strategic Firing:

This meathod is Similar to the above "Spread" meathod but should not be confused with it.
Strategic Firing, as I and some call it requires at least SOME Skill, but works best with a good amount of skill!
This meathod requires that you actually have some sort of Plan as to where you are placing your missiles or where you are Directing your missiles to hit.
(more on this later)


Dueling takes place when two (or even more) adversaries know each others whereabouts and continuously try to reach the other with guided missiles (or regular fired missiles) before the other can. If your goal is to win the match, then don't get stuck in this rut!
You slowly fade further and further back in the standings. Take the hit or vacate your hiding spot.
Of course there is a great sense of satisfaction if you are actually successful in nailing the other guy without him reaching you.
Usually the result is you BOTH eat it.
Example of Dueling 

Pattern or Rhythm Spread:

This technique uses a normal firing method (left click) as opposed to the alternate (guiding – right click) firing method and can be pretty much a spawn killing technique also.
One instance of this technique is firing from left to right, over and over again in a pattern, giving very little chance for your opponents to get a shot in.
Example of Pattern Spread <-(bad link)


This is a good way to eliminate someone close to you without blowing yourself into next week.
This one takes some (a little) skill though.
Fire your translocator at your opponent. When your translocator reaches your opponent, do an alternate (right) click.
Splat! You are still here and they are gone.
This is good to do when you spawn next to someone or come across someone guiding their missile and you do not have the time to run somewhere safe before launching a missile.
At {CMM}, we believe in Pure Redeemer Arena (No OTHER Weapons!), so we do not allow Tele-Fragging at CMM.
Example of Tele-Fragging 


They can't kill what they can't catch right? Unfortunately the missiles are a tad faster than a player running.
Many players use this method though and it can work well.
This technique uses a normal firing method (left click) as opposed to the alternate (guiding - right click) firing method as you run through the map firing at any random opportune targets all the while trying to keep from becoming a target yourself.
This technique is used more with the medium size maps and to some extent the larger ones, although you'll be doing more running then gunning on the larger maps. On open spaced maps, this method (like a few other methods) also calls attention to yourself and can quickly make you a moving target out there!
I don't suggest using this technique on small, tight maps such as Pyramid, etc., as you will generally blow your own self into oblivion also!


This technique is used by virtually all Redeemer Arena players as a defense technique and is basically detonating a missile in order to stop one that is bearing down on you. Firing a missile at a wall or box as you duck around a corner is a very effective way of saving your rear end.
You can also do a block by guiding a missile out to where you want it and then detonating it by left clicking your mouse.
Example of Blocking 

Some tips that may help you when playing Redeemer Arena.

All the following information is suitable for New players and Regular Experienced players alike.  

First, you should consider removing the big gun from your HUD and use a small crosshair instead.
Having a huge redeemer in your view blocks a lot of your potential target area.
At {CMM} we Fixed this problem for the most part with our Highly Advanced New PirateDeemerCMM mod. - YAY!!!
Our New PirateDeemerCMM mod has a reduced size redeemer HUD image for a much better view than any other.

Any "ONE" technique or strategy does NOT always work.
When choosing your strategy, ask these important questions about players and maps:
1) How many people are playing?
2) What strategies are the players using?
3) What maneuvers and techniques does this particular map allow?
For example, if there are only 3 people playing on a huge map that favors hiders and you run out and start executing a Spread or Spray-N-Pray technique, you are sending out huge signal flares and making yourself a wonderful target.
If there are a lot of players playing and a lot of the players are Good and Experienced, then it may work best (for awhile at least) to hide out by a high-spawn-zone and "hook" (fire your missiles in from around a corner and/or hitting walls by your target) like crazy.
Often, a combination of "hook" and "spread" works well, especially in a server with a lot of players and on a medium size map.
Find a corner, a high place, an edge and shoot one or two, and then "hook" a missile.
The "hook" also becomes a defensive move, as it disables incoming redeemers. Obviously you will want that "hook" to do double-duty, where the defensive blast is also close to a nearby spawn point.
Example: In Deck16 on the top deck, you can spread 3 missiles to each corner, and a 4th fire down to hit the spawn point below.
If it is a full house (a lot of players), you can be sure missiles will be coming your way -- you may have to cut down on the number of missiles that you spread in order to more quickly deploy your defensive blast.
If the map is very small or there is a full house, you may find yourself in the "loop of poop".
Do not fire as soon as you spawn! You will suicide and subtract from your frag score.
Patiently wait for the "loop of poop" to end, and then at your first opportunity run for cover!
Also make sure to enjoy the "loop of poop" -- it may be the funniest, most hilarious aspect of the Redeemer Arena game!
The screaming and yelling of your deaths, the chunks flying, the explosions shaking your computer speakers, the sound of some of your buddies shouting "Got it" or "I'm under heavy attack" over and over to let you know they are also in the loop -- these things should make you crumple over in laughter, not anger!
And, again, remember, NO ONE is immune to the "loop of poop"!!! No one!!! So don't feel bad if it happens to you!
It is considered as "Part of the Game" for Redeemer Arena and it can and does happen to us ALL who play it!

Every map will usually have a sweet spot or two.
This is a "blast-area" that contains several spawn points and maybe a hiding spot near by.
During full house play (a lot of players); it is crucial to keep the better players out of these spots and to exploit these sweet spots yourself.
For example, the loft in Deck16 during a 10+ person game is above 3 spawn points near the elevator.
Experienced players all know that players like to head up there and experienced players will fire missiles periodically into the loft.
But don't just run directly to your favorite spot. Remember to start your rampage from wherever you spawn!
If you just start running for your sweet spot place during a crowded game, chances are you will be blown to powder before making it there.
It helps to know each map well, but it isn't absolutely necessary.
You can figure out sweet spots on the fly, as you yourself spawn and notice other nearby spawn points and also where more experienced players are sitting in their own sweet spots.
Of course "Sweet Spots" aren't just for spawn killing (aka Loop-Of-Poop).
Sweet Spots are also Great HIDING Spots for Gliding!

Listen to sounds!!!
Another important aspect of the game is sound.
Yeah, we all love the music, explosions and the sound of gooey chunks hitting the walls but that is not what we are referring to.
There are 3 sounds you need to be Mainly concerned with.
The better the sound system you have the better off you'll be.
Surround sound is a huge bonus, at least to many people, but stereo sound works Very well also.
For the most part, sound is more important during hide-n-guide, especially for alerting you and not so much in the other styles although in most of the other styles of play, sounds are good to help you hunt.
Here are 3 Important Sound Examples! ...
1. Footsteps. If you here this sound while guiding your missile, detonate your missile and move as quickly as possible while switching to your translocator. There is a good chance the footsteps sound is another player running up on you and is looking to telefrag you. If it is an experienced player, chances are you will be dead half a second after you hear him anyway but you should never give up. Sometimes they miss.
2. Translocator. If you hear the tell tale sound of this little baby going off during guiding your missile, you are probably dead already. In any case you will want to once again detonate and run fast while spinning around to find your would-be fragger. At this time it is also a good idea to switch to your locator because anything else would be overkill - you may kill yourself also with a redeemer missile.
OR, just shoot a missile at them - this hurts their score also! - Even though you take a hit too.
3. The Spawn. The sound of the spawn is unmistakable and if you hear it during guiding your missile, then once again it is a good idea to detonate and maybe get a kill that you hadn't expected. Many times someone will spawn just as you've passed over a spawn point that up until a moment ago was empty. Listening for the spawn is also a key thing when you are near multiple spawn points and want to get the biggest bang for you buck while also keeping would-be fraggers at bay.

Remember, when guiding your missile, what you hear is Mostly happening back where your player body is standing!
The sound is Not always coming from where you are gliding around. (some sounds are though)
You may want to Turn Down or Turn OFF completely some sounds like Music in your preferences.
This will lessen or even eliminate some distracting and un-necessary sounds!
Another good idea is to wear ear phones.
This intensifies the direction indications of which direction a sound is eminating from.
Many NEW Redeemer Players think that the more experienced players that use Sounds to their advantage are cheating, because the New Player can't imagine how that good player "knows" where he is! LOL

Both run and gunners and hide and guiders must know where they are at all times, ESPECIALLY when they spawn.
To me, this is one of the most important aspects of the game.
Unfortunately, the nature of Redeemer Arena means that it is HARD to explore maps while playing with others, unless everyone in the map is in the exploring mood.
This leads to the next point.

Use every weapon available:
If the server supports translocators, use them where appropriate.
Redeemers are of no practical use in close range combat where you have no cover. Use the translocator in the no cover areas.
(Exception would be SOME Configurations of Our New PirateDeemerCMM mod, at CMM, WILL Allow Close Range Combat!)
Also, using the translocator can be a great way to pass time on the big maps, as a translocator duel can be fun and also can be full of action and strategy.
Of course, you can use it to reach those hard to reach places and this is Mainly what it is intended to do.
It is too bad that we cannot "Turn Off" the weapon part of the translocator so it can only be used as a means to get to hard to reach places!
(Exception would be Our New PirateDeemerCMM mod, at CMM, WILL Allow us to turn OFF the fragging capability of the transloc!)
(At CMM we use the Custom Radar Translocator for CMM - built into the mod, on SOME versions!)
Use translocators to explore maps so that you know where your opponent can hide.
This is especially impressive when you end the game in a cool place.

In a heavy fight, it is important to know when to fire, but it is more important to know when NOT to fire.
Don't fire as soon as you spawn, take a breath first... assuming you live that long. And pay attention to those almost-transparent "pressure waves" from other blasts.
If you launch into one of those, your redeemer missile will almost certainly blow up in your face and this is not a good thing. LOL

Also, if you're overtaking an opponent with your redeemer, don't just blast them... wait until the redeemer is at a point where you will take out that opponent, plus have a good chance of getting someone else with the splash damage.
For instance, while guiding your missile you might over-fly (go beyond) someone running down a corridor so you could detonate just ahead of them, at an intersection with another corridor... there is a good chance you'll pick up a double-kill or more.

Translocate yourself way high up, secretly if possible, into some niche or onto the roof, and then rain destruction down upon the heads of the unknowing.
Be Careful when you use the translocator!!!
It can be both seen and heard from very far away and you can easily become a good target if you use it without making sure as best you can to use it while no one is looking.
It is best to use the translocator when your path you want to go is somewhat hidden and/or if there is a lot of action going on so that your translocator use won't be noticed as much or at all.
The worst scenario of this is when a player is frantically trying to translocate to a place that is difficult to hit and therefore tries over and over to hit his target with his translocator.
An opponent looking for players to frag can easily see where the player is trying to get to and also that player can be seen and heard easily using the translocator over and over.
What an EASY target this is!
Remember! - Translocators DO attract attention, so be careful how and where you use them!!!
Exception would be when using the CMM SEEKER-Redeemer's Custom "Stealth" translocator - it is hard to see, and has no flash or noise.

If you have the jump boots, do not be in a hurry to use up the jumps.
If you are up high someplace and need to escape an incoming spread fast, you can drop down a significant distance quickly to a safer place with little or no damage.
Even if you don't have boots on, you can still drop down to a floor far beneath you if you can break your fall by landing on a sloping surface. You often take no damage by hitting a sloping surface even from high up, and then can safely slide down the slope and fall the rest of the way to the floor. This trick varies from map to map, as you occasionally die from the fall upon hitting the slope in certain maps, but it has saved many a player’s hide. (The slope must be of the kind that you would slide down upon hitting for the no-damage trick to work.)

You CAN move while guiding the missile if you do it properly and with care.
Not only is this a defensive move, it may also get you in position for a long spree.
One example would be if you come slightly out of a hiding spot in order to get a better guided shot out.
Then after you fire, you move back into the hiding spot using your reverse arrow to move your back side back into your hiding spot.

While guiding your missile, keep an eye out to look where missiles are coming from.
See where missiles start from. You can frag somebody when they can't see you.
Make it look as though you didn't see their missile and after they fly farther away and they think their hiding location is still safe, go in for the frag!

Also, when you are hide-n-guiding, fire and guide your missile to appear to start out from other locations!
For example, let's say you are in a cave in the ground and across from the cave you are in there is a large sewer pipe or a building that you can guide your missile through and out another side, this gives the appearance that you are over in that pipe or building firing missiles out of the other side.
Try to fire your missile and keep it hidden for awhile before emerging out in the open in order to keep your hiding spot as secret as possible.

There are 2 mutators (that I know of) used for more Conventional (original like) Redeemer Arena - they are:

1) New Redeemer Arena - This is the original (older) mutator and does NOT allow Translocators (or any other weapon) and therefore Translocation and Telefragging can not be used if you are using this mutator for Redeemer Arena!
This is the "New Redeemer Arena" mod as originally used by Hermskii on his UT Game Server called "Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity" or a.k.a. "CG" or "CGRI" Before Hermskii ran this server "Shwantz" owned and ran it and it was called "SRA" or "Shwantz's Redeemer Arena", then Hermskii "inherited" it from Shwantz.
This one is the "Original" "OLD" Redeemer Arena mod and is also known as the "Old Skool" one.
Originally, "CMM" or "CROSSBONES MISSILE MADNESS", used this very same mutator!
"CMM" is Hook's UT Server for Redeemer Arena!
Now, "New Redeemer Arena" is known as the "Old Skool" Redeemer Arena mutator, even though it says "New" in its title. LOL
CMM received this mutator directly from Hermskii, and Hermskii received it from Shwantz.
So, YES, CROSSBONES MISSILE MADNESS is, or at least WAS (CMM no longer uses any of the old arena mutators), a Direct (bloodline) Descendant of CG and SRA!
As you MAY have guessed, Playing on one of these servers with the "Old Skool" New Redeemer Arena mutator,
is quite a bit more difficult than playing on the newer Redeemer ArenaMatch121/122 servers! (see next)
More of a Challenge for sure! - And MORE FUN in many player's oppinions!
Many of the Long Timers that used to play the old CG and SRA servers will attest to this!
Using this older mutator is the "Man's Redeemer Arena" server for experienced players!
(But, it is also FUN for all players and is a Great way to Train for Redeemer Arena!)
If you can win on one of these Old Skool Redeemer Arena servers, you can win anywhere!
As far as I know, the "OLD" "CMM" or "OLD" "CROSSBONES MISSILE MADNESS", was/is THE Only UT Redeemer server that more Recently used this tougher, "Old Skool" New Redeemer Arena mutator!

2) ArenaMatch121 - Hermskii (Server name - "CG" or "Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity"), now currently runs this newer Redeemer mod called "ArenaMatch121" or version 121. There is a newer version of this mod out now called "ArenaMatch122" or version = 122.
These 2 "ArenaMatch" versions DO Allow the use of other weapons such as the "Translocator" - the older "NewRedeemerArena" mod (see above) does NOT allow any other weapons to be used in the game!

Of course, if you RELY on the use of the Translocator and you are playing Redeemer Arena in a UT Server using the older "New Redeemer Arena" mutator, you will be out of luck!
If you are playing in a UT Server using "ArenaMatch121 or 122" then you can use the translocator if you really like to use it and/or you feel you NEED to use it and feel safer with it. LOL

NOTE: NEW Redeemer Mods - Now Out! ...
There are a few more NEW Redeemer mods out now that were developed in 2010 with the latest versions of these coming out in the first half of 2011, and the later half of 2012.
First we will talk about one of these new mods that is used on {MRS} or "MEAT'S Redeemer Screamer" that was developed during the development of the other one used on {CMM} or "CROSSBONES Lucifurs MISSILE MADNESS".
Basically, MRS took an Old redeemer mod, upped the missile speed a bit, added the sniper rifle scope to it and named it "MEATdeemer".
It was pretty cool and after spamming it all over UT land around the world it attracted a good number of players.
Pretty much at the same time, another great mod was forming on the drawing boards that approached the whole Redeemer Mod in a whole NEW direction.
With this "other" new mod coming out with an early Beta version that did a lot more things, it kind of blew away the MEATdeemer a bit with its capabilities.
Cutting this Other new redeemer mod down in public postings making up goofy things supposedly "wrong" with it slowed it down a bit but they knew that it wouldn't hold the lid on this emerging block buster for long.
Something must be added to the MEATdeemer to counteract this other new redeemer mod - or at least TRY to counteract it.
MRS now decided to use an old idea that Hook at CMM came up with (and still holds the Original seek-deemer mod for it) and then put it on the back burner - the "seek-deemer".
Well, they (MRS) introduced this "new" SEEKdeemer and it was a novelty for a week or so, then it started to get boring and also it had some bugs.
Meanwhile, back at the CMM ranch, CMM was introducing an even more featureful and improved Beta addition of its new redeemer mod.
MRS, not to be outdone (so they thought), thought they better do something, so they came up with yet another version of the SEEKdeemer that had less bugs, and also another mod called The "Pursuer" that was a more long range version of the SEEKdeemer. (mainly they sped up the seeker-deemer)
MRS also knew a few things about the new CMM mod and so also incorparated some of its features into their new mods. (ie; Speed Adjustments)
Well, as things go, you can only be amazed with a simple "Seeking" missile for so long - the dazzle of it just has to start fading pretty soon.
That is where the "MEATdeemer / SEEKdeemer / Persuer / and now Screamer" mods stand about now, at the time this was written anyway.
The people at CMM have since come out with even a much better Redeemer mod, the smooth running version "011", in the meantime.
The MRS "camp" is currently desperately searching for SOMETHING to add - Some new idea, to somehow counteract the New Redeemer mod that CMM is now running, but they cannot now.
It seems pretty futile for them with what all the new CMM mod can do - it just seems that the CMM mod already does whatever you can think of, pretty much.
OK - Now for the New CMM mod - What is it all about that makes it so good anyway???
Enter The New "PirateDeemeCMM" version "011" mod from the CMM "camp"...
And then, Enter The New "PirateDeemeCMM" version "012" mod from the CMM "camp"...
And then again, Enter The New "PirateDeemeCMM" version "013" mod from the CMM "camp"...
(More To Come)

UPDATE: {CMM} currently Now also has the much improved, Newest version of the SEEKER-RedeemerCMM mod in addition to our >PirateDeemeCMM013 mod!
A mod that originally began on HUTP and CMM and has finally returned to its rightful home and place of origin.
(we still posess the original seek-deemer mod that gopostal made as a test for Hook)
So if you like playing a seeker type redeemer, we now have the Greatest and Latest version of the Seeker type right on our CMM server for you.
(Our new seeker is a much updated, much smoother and better seeker type redeemer mod over the meat/seeker-deemers of MRS) more to come on this!

Give your missiles you fire off the right timing!
If you fire a bunch of missiles in a straight, close line, the first one fired will detonate all the rest going back to you in a chain reaction and you know what that does! LOL
Space your missiles apart enough where the
Concussion Blast doesn't affect (detonate) your other missiles that you fired.
Evaluate the spacing or timing between the missiles for the best results both at your target and along the way (of the missile path) to your target.
This is something that is difficult to explain but it will become clearer to you with more experience.
Just practice this with bots or just when playing in servers to hone your skills!
You will find some techniques on your own no doubt.

Well, that is it for now! HAVE FUN!!!

If WE think of any more Tips, etc., we will for sure add them here!
If YOU have any Tips, etc., please let Hook know! (We MAY add them here)

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