Passing Through Paradise


“Tough to put down.

The themes are masterfully interwoven.” 

                                    -- Byron Review

This new edition of

Passing Through Paradise

includes a map of Paradise

and a discussion guide for book clubs.

"In Paradise I stumbled onto a dead body, found my new mother, and was almost murdered."

In the fall of 1989, young Angela Kiln and her father move to the slowly dying town of Paradise. Once they settle into small town life, Angela and her father, a high school teacher, find that the town isn't the only thing dying — so, apparently, are students. As Angela and her father seek the truth behind the deaths, they will also face the truth about their own deepest beliefs.

Part suspenseful mystery, part sentimental journey, Passing Through Paradise is an alternately funny, gripping, and frightening account of a young girl, her still-grieving father, and a town that refuses to recognize the future. Filled with an unforgettable cast of characters, Passing Through Paradise dramatically reveals the best and worst of human nature, illuminated against a scathing indictment of an American small town.