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Sweet Home Alabama
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Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
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Not so fast


Like the heavenly gates






Burnish Anew


Forestalled (formerly)




Asserted without proof










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Ideas & Credits:
If youíre thinking of creating your own web site, donít want to spend a lot, need airtight security and do NOT want to learn html, I recommend Microsoft Office 365 which can be found at this link: Microsoft Office 365 (I only wish they were paying me for the credits!). MS no longer offers free website hosting, but you'll pay only $6/month per user, with document sharing, mobile access, a place to collect all of your email, Lync and great support.

I also recommend Host Monster web hosting, where you'll get an HTML editor, one that generates nice, clean code to which you have immediate access (a great way to learn). You'll find them at Host Monster - Web Hosting.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention Yahoo, which also offers good web hosting at a competitive price. If you are code-illiterate, they offer several options, but you can enter your own code as well. Note: The best browser for Yahoo and Host Monster is Mozilla's browser Firefox. I recommend you use it to find them at Yahoo Small Business Hosting.

Most word processors, including Microsoft Word, enable you to save your work as a Web Page. Many editors of the "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) variety are available at no cost. These editors tend to make your pages easy to create and the dickens to edit. Still, go ahead and use them to get you started.

If you want to learn more about writing your own code (html, png, asp, css, xml etc.), I recommend you add the following very helpful sites to your favorites:
HTML Goodies The ultimate html resource

A great place to test your code is at Practice Writer: Practice Writer Utility/HTML PRACTICE BOARD. I've gotten a world of FREE help from Shipscript on eBay: Shipscript eBay About Me Page.

Last but not least, my sincere thanks to FrontierNet technical support who've kept this site available for many many years!
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