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All Aboard!            Welcome to The L&L Model Railroad


Lower Level
Staging Plan

The lower loop is now completed. Trains are running from the staging level up through the helix to the main levels and back. With the excetion of the engine facility most of the main level track is in place now, although some tweaking is needed in a few places to make it run smoothly. The benchwork for the roundhouse and turntable are up and ready to go. Now I just have to save up a bit. The scenicing is comming along nicely and the layout is starting to come to life. The next big step is to complete the helix and start installing the upper level shelving. Enjoy the newest pics!

Stop back often and watch the progress.

With the last move, the old layout had to be dismantled and packed away in boxes. Whatever could be saved, salvaged, or reused was taken along to the new location. Anticipation for a fresh start was high and it wasn't long before the new design began taking shape. With the help of a friend and the following criteria, a plan was developed on AutoCAD and can now be printed full size for ease of layout.

Design Criteria:

-Multi-Level with helix to maximize the layout area
-Multi loop track plan for continuous running
-Large area dedicated as cityscape with tall buildings
-Area for a large passenger station
-Plenty of staging
-Large yard area
-Viewable tunnel area
-Roundhouse & Turntable large enough to support a Big-Boy
-Primarily dual track running
-No particular time period or location
-30" radius and #6 turnout mainline minimums
-Minimum grade change
-Several sidings and industries to keep operation interesting
-Incorporate space for as many existing structure as possible


Scale HO
Room Size 21'-8" x 23'-5"
Plan Created on AutoCAD
Style Multi-Level / Around the Room plus Peninsula
Period Open
Benchwork Main Level - 2x framework with Homasote board base
Upper Level - 20" dual hook shelf hangers with 2x frame & Homasote board base
Rigid insulation foam & plaster wrap contours
Height Staging @ 24" / Main Level @ 36"-40" / Upper Level @ 58"-60"
Helix Dual track 28" & 30.5" rad. / 7 turn / 4" per 360 degrees
Made from 1/8" masonite lapped & threaded rods
Track Code 100 flextrack / Atlas turnouts
Mainline Length  
Mainline Turnout Min. #6
Mainline Radius Min. 30"
Max. Grade 2%
Control Digitrax DCC

Main Level

Upper Level

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