Lamb of God Pure and Holy

1 Peter 1:18-19

February 6th, 2008


            We are here on Ash Wednesday to begin our 40 day Journey with Jesus to the cross and to the tomb.  In some ways we gather together at very different places in our lives.   Some this evening are incredibly busy, whether its kids schedules, work commitments, your to do list is much greater than you can do.   Your like a hamster in his spinning wheel, and your not sure when you get off.   There are who are faced with major unknowns concerning health, school, family, and job life.   There are others who wouldn’t be here if mom and dad didn’t “make you go” .  You know how it goes, Wednesday church already  (Your thinking, “isn’t Sunday enough”).   There are those who are troubled by their past, maybe even recent past, and struggle with guilt and maybe even shame.  All of things mentioned are reminders, the symptoms if you will, that something is not right with this world.  Yet, knowing the symptoms doesn’t get to the root of the problem.  God says in Isaiah “That we all like sheep have gone astray each in our own way”.   Wait a second you say, I know about sin, but my issue really is “someone else’s sin”, things that aren’t my fault, or my situation.     Lent is a reminder that while it is true we live in a world of sin, the fundamental issue is that we are dying.  Dying is the wage, not of someone elses sin, but our own.   While we all arrive here at different points, we have this in common, in our own unique way we have gone astray.   Whether we like to hear that or not, that simply put is the truth.


The solution for this problem cannot be found with a few more hours a day, a higher salary, a more understanding work environment, or easy classes.   No the solution is found in another sheep.  A lamb one who is without blemish or defect.  

            Our text says that “It was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed”.   In other words even the best that the world has to offer cannot and will not do the job when it comes to the right price.   Silver and gold are valuable, in many ways they are very long lasting.   Yet, even they are treasures where moth and rust destroy.   The best this earth has to offer in terms of stuff, the best we have to offer in terms of good intention, simply are cannot do the redeeming work. 

            Notice that life lived outside of Jesus is simply empty.  Sort of like living on cotton candy, it looks really big, but frankly there isn’t much to it.  People to often try to cover their emptiness, and fill it with things that make them more empty.   How many people think that they will be filled by becoming famous, only to find out it is not what it is cracked up to be.  How many feel that their emptiness will be filled by earning a certain amount, by having more time on their hands, by you name it.  No, a thousand times know the empty life, will only be filled by the precious blood.

            What we get through this lamb is a sacrifice, one in which his precious blood of the one who lived the perfect life.  The one who lived the life you and I want to live, but unlike us, it was a life without sin.  This lamb is yours tonight.  So go ahead cleanse your souls in him.   Go ahead, deposit your sorrows at his feet.  Go ahead set aside your heartache and your pain.  All this and more the pure and holy Lamb of God has taken with him to the cross, so that he could exchange our empty, straying lives, with his everlasting righteousness, and blessedness.  Thanks be to God for this other sheep, and his blood which gives us life.  Amen.