New Freedom Data Resources


Specializing In The Automated Extraction and Translation of Raw Data From In-House UNIX/Linux Based ADP and R&R Automobile Dealership Computer Systems


Products include:


Dealership Customer Management Services (DCMS)

1.      Created Using Microsoft Visual FoxPro

2.      Available For Qualified Retail Automobile Dealerships As Of 9/1/2001

3.      Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Solution

a.       Can Be Used To Create *.csv Files For Importing Data Into Microsoft Office Documents

b.      Provides for Reactive and Proactive Marketing via MailMerge, eMailMerge, Phone Lists, etc.

4.      Rapid Search and Information Access to Customer Data

a.       Sales/Lease History

b.      Service History

c.       Do Not Call FTC Compliance Management

5.      RobotFingers® Automated Data Updates from DCMS into your ADP or R&R System.

a.       Automated City Spelling Corrections


Document GoGetter

1.      Created Using Microsoft Visual FoxPro

2.      Available For Qualified Retail Automobile Dealerships As Of 8/1/2003

3.      Automatically Archives any “BAP” Document and Reports to a network accessible Hard Drive

4.      Translation Services Are Available To Allow Data To Be Imported Into Various Microsoft Applications & Office Documents

    1. Excel
    2. Access
    3. Word
    4. Visual Foxpro
    5. Microsoft SQL Server
    6. Etc.

5.      Allows For Rapid Searching and Instant Retrieval of Any Archived Document

a.       Service Work Orders

b.      Service Invoices

c.       Parts Invoices

d.      Purchase Orders

e.       ODC

f.        Payables Checks

g.       Cash Receipts

h.       End Of Month Reports

i.         And more….


Custom Productivity and Automation Interface Development to Leverage PC Technology Within your Business Organization


Computer Systems Consulting

1.      Custom Software Development

a.       ProComm Aspect

b.      Microsoft Visual FoxPro®

c.       Microsoft Office®

2.      Hardware Configuration

3.      Network Design and Configuration

4.      Contract Negotiation Assistance

5.      Technical Support Assistance

6.      System Utilization Seminar

7.      FTC Do Not Call Compliance Seminars


Serving the Automobile Dealership Industry since 1991

1.      Experienced in the Automobile Service & Dealership Industry Since 1972

2.      Experienced in the Computer Industry Since 1984



Gilbert M. Hale

New Freedom Data Resources

Pittsford, NY