Geology of the Colorado River

Four-day river trip through Ruby, Horsethief and Westwater Canyons

July 12-15, 2015

Loma, CO to Cisco, UT


Rafting along the river corridor is one of the best ways to study the different rock types that make up our landscape and to observe the results of Earth’s forces at work. The section of the river between Loma and Cisco is a remote section that is largely inaccessible by road as it cuts steep canyons through layers as young as 100 million years old, when dinosaurs roamed the area, into the ancient basement rocks, dated at about 1700 million years, which form the core of the Rocky Mountains.

Two experts, each with a PhD in geology, will guide you through the geology of the canyons, with ample time to converse about what we do know and what is still being hotly debated in the field. Combining Professor Andres Aslan’s 20-year research experience on the Colorado River, with Dr. Tamsin McCormick’s 20-year teaching and professional guiding experience on the River, this trip will cover the geologic history of the Colorado Plateau, from the time it became part of the North American continent to the present configuration of the Colorado River, as well as the relationship between the vegetation communities and the geologic setting.

A joint presentation by Canyonlands Field Institute and Plateau Restoration of Moab, UT

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