The Hydrogen Car Project


I began a project in the fall of 2003 with a friend, Jared Delahanty, to design a hydrogen-powered vehicle. We ran the project as an independent study project through Dryden High School, under the advisement of Mike Mangini. The project had two goals:

- To explore the feasibility of the technology: Is it possible and practical to one day replace internal combustion engines with hydrogen fuel-cell systems?

- To educate the public on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and the environmental and economic benefits they present.

Ideally we wanted to build a prototype vehicle, but despite a generous donation from New York State Electric and Gas Co. (NYSEG) we were unable to secure sufficient funding. We have also ran into time constraints, as both Jared and I are about to have our hands full in college.

However, the project did produce results, in the form of a comprehensive booklet on the hydrogen vehicular technology. We have produced a manuscript outlining everything you would need to build a hydrogen-powered car.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles: The Future of Transportation (pdf, 1.2 MB)


Calculation Files

There are several spreadsheet files used to calculate vehicular performance. By necessity, our book includes only the results. However, it can be useful or interesting to play around with the different variables involved. This can provide insight into the elements that effect vehicular performance.

motor performance -- from an objective standpoint

motor and torque calculations -- performance yielded by our chosen motors

vehicular characteristics -- wind resistance, etc

component masses -- weight of components



Part of the goal of this project is to enhance the public's understanding of hydrogen vehicles, and so we are trying to get as much publicity as possible.

Here are links, therefore, to any and all sites that mention our project. Some of these news bits are rather brief and uninformative, but I'll try to stick those at the bottom of the list.

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