Lehigh Valley R.R.

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley portion of my web site. This first picture was taken in the early 1970's at Rochester Jct which was located approximatley 5 miles north of Honeoye Falls N.Y. Note the semephore signal in the background. This was replaced with two target signals in 1971

I believe the picture below was taken by Ed Vanleer. Date is unknow at this time. This is the way I would like to model the Rochester Junction on my layout, when all of the tracks were in. Your looking west toward Rush, N.Y. on the main line, with the Rochester branch going off to the north on right of the photo.


Two LV Snowbirds have just made a setout for the Hemlock branch. Date is fall of 1968.

This is the first in a series of 6 pictures as the train goes by the station after making a drop and picking up the rest of the train.


After coupling up to the rest of the train the pair of C628's put's on a fine show as they head east for Victor, N.Y.


With the train underway the deisels aren't smoking quite as bad as they accelerate the train by the station.


With the train well underway the Snowbirds head past the station toward the semephore signal and the wye for the Hemlock branch.


The engines are just passing the old semephore signal as the train picks up speed.


As the caboose passes, remember them, all is quiet until the next train passes by.


This picture is made from two seperate pictures taken with a 126 Instamtic and put together as one picture of the station. Your looking at the south side of Rochester Jct. station. Drawings of this station were featured in the Feb. 1990 issue of Model Railroader by Harold Russell. Picture taken fall of 1968.



These two pictures are of the east side of the station. Note the ornate station light. These were placed along the platform on the west side of station also. Picture taken in fall of 1968.


This is the freight station, which was located on the track closest to the station, on the branch line to Rochester.



You are looking north-west on the Rochester branch. Only 3 tracks remain. The other two have long since been removed. The second picture is taken further east but still looking in the same direction. The ice house is on the right.


Looking east. The semephore stands guard over Quaker Interlocking. Just beyond is the turn out for the siding and the west leg of the Hemlock branch wye.


Again looking east. The track leading off to the right is the west leg of the wye of the Hemlock branch.


This is the Honeoye Falls station which was reached by a spur from the branch line. In the background is a bean milling plant that was served by rail right up to the end of operations. At one time there was a small yard here to the right.


A closer look at the station reveals that it was a stucco structure. Today it is a private residence and small country store. The track is gone.


I'm standing on the Clinton Ave. bridge looking west into downtown Rochester. We are looking at the old RochesterTransit Corporation railroad bed. The LV station is in the center distance with the Rochester Public Library just to the right of the station. Interstate 490 now runs were the tracks are.


Agian looking west into downtown Rochester. I'm on the next bridge, South Ave. seen in the previous photo. We get a closer view of the station. The tracks disappear under the library and across a double deck bridge over the river. The track to the left of the boxcar is were LV inter-changed with the RTC. More will be written up on this area in the layout section.


This bridge carried the LV across the Johnson & Seymour Mill Race. The tracks then split into two tracks entering the station. At one time there was another track deverging off the right track. That accounts for the extra pillars in LV22 picture.


A side view of the platform that held the two passenger tracks. The mill race is directly under the station platform. The pillars at one time held another track to the American Express Co.


This is a view of the LV yard between the Genesee River and Mt. Hope Ave. Note the large coal dealer in the background. The lattice arm in the upper left of the picture is an electrical pickup trolley for a crane to unload cars onto barges and visa-versa.


The two stall engine house and turntable. Looking north. Just to the upper right is the large coal dealer. I never did get a picture of it.


NW1 No.127 basking in the sun. That's the NYS Barge Canal Terminal in the background.




These are three views of LV #232, a Baldwin S12, idling at Machester yard waiting to do some switching.




The 301 GP-9 in yellow and chocolate brown with a train from Buffalo stops at Roch. Jct to do some switching before heading back to Buffalo.


NW1 No.127 basking in the sun at Roch. Jct. about fall of 1974.



Two RS-11's sandwich one of the last 4 F3B units left on the roster in this winter 1970 shot. The train drops off some cars for Rochester. Unfortunetly this train will continue on to Manchester with only a partial train. Just before the bridge, off to the upper right of the second picture, the back part of the train had derailed.


The werck crew is busy jacking up the boxcar, which you can see just a corner of, next to the engine, and getting the rail back to were it belongs. Apperently the rail had spread and dropped the car on the ground.




SW900m #121 sits on the yard tracks at Roch. Jct. ready to head north on the Rochester branch. That's a TH&B black covered hopper behind the engine.



American crane #95593 between two work gondolas sitting at Roch. Jct.


North side of Roch. Jct. station. The piggy back cars in the background are on the eastbound siding. The single trailer flat was an unusall drop at the Jct. It looks like a load of phone poles for the then Rochester Telephone Company.




The first picture is of an eastbound LV at West Bloomfield-Pittsford Rd. crossing. The second two pics are of the same train at Fishers, NY. The bridge in the background is the bridge over the old NYC Auburn branch line. Pictures were taken in early 1970.





I finally found the pictures I had taken of the LV station in Lima NY in mid-summer of 1976. If the station looks a little strange it's because a fire destroyed the north half of the building. It is also missing the four dormers on the roof. In the background of one of the pictures you'll see what looks like a box car end. It is. If I ever come across them I'll add them to the file.


I finally found the black and white pictures I had taken of the box car at the Lima station. It belonged to the coal dealer that was located to the right (just out side of the picture) box car. It's origin is unknown. It could have been a LV car.

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