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Curriculum/Program Overview - Kids World, Inc. has a program structure that uses developmentally appropriate practices and activities planned according to the developmental levels of each age level of children. Creative Curriculum programs are designed to provide children with a curriculum that promotes self-esteem and positive self-image; social interaction; self-expression and communication skills; creative expression; and problem-solving skills.

A balance of active and quiet activities; individual and group activities; indoor and outdoor activities; and staff-initiated and child initiated activities are incorporated. Activities promote both gross and fine motor development.

The elements of all curricular programs provide activities that are geared to the developmental stages of the children served. Activities attend to the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children. Curriculums also take into account the special needs of children and allow for the maximum participation by children, as well as encourage participation and observation by parents as well. Curriculum also provide an opportune setting to work with children on health education as proper hand-washing, nutrition, dental practices, self-esteem, etc. as well as safety education.