Portraits BoudoirNudesFine ArtRetouch Services
Portraits BoudoirNudesFine ArtRetouch Services

I am always looking to expand my portfolio and try new concepts. If you have an idea you want brought to life, please bring it to me and we can work together to create your vision.

My current wishlist consists of:

  • another Boudoir Session I can post,
  • a Beach Swimwear shoot,
  • a Pool Swimwear session.

There is a project that will take multiple models. The idea that's been kicking around is a silhouette of varying body types. Preferably, this would be a nude project but I am willing to work with your level of comfort . There are no photos created at this time (2/2019) but I would like to line up a few people for Spring and Summer.

Also, a long time ago I photographed a lot of cars and this Summer I want to do more. I really dont care what your vehicle is as long as it is special to you. It may become another heading on this site or become a completely different entity. We will see how it all works out. Take a peek at my old automotive page at Automotive Imaging by Michael Putorti. (I think this may have been a project for an HTML class I took a long while ago.)

Please contact at with any questions, comments or to book your photography experience.


  • 35 years photography experience
  • Worked with 35mm, medium and large film formats
  • Extensive experience in Black and White darkroom techniques
  • Early proponent and practitioner of digital photography
  • Instrumental organizing and training Trader Publishing-Rochester digital file transfer
  • Wrote training manual for digital camera operation and image processing (Kodak DC-50 cameras)
  • Digital editing knowledge with Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Anthropics Portrait Professional


  • Image City Gallery, "Magic of Light" 2015-2018
  • Rochester Contemporary Arts Center "6X6" Exhibitions
  • NYS Fair 2014-2015
  • St John's Home (date needing confirmation)
  • Community Darkroom "6X5" Exhibition, June, 1997
  • Memorial Art Gallery "Rochester Fingerlakes Exhibition" (date needing confirmation)


  • B.A. Technical Theater S.U.C. Geneseo 1985
  • Adobe Photoshop, R.I.T. Adult Education classes.
  • HTML, R.I.T. Adult Continuing Education Classes
  • Various courses at Community Darkroom
  • Constantly updating skills through research and experimentation

Portraits BoudoirNudesFine ArtRetouch Services

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