WELCOME! I am glad you have found the page I use to inform prospective models about my approach and philosophy towards nude models. Below, you will find the following:
  • A "Statement of Purpose", which describes my reasons for photographing nudes
  • A brief "Resume" with my qualifications
  • Potential variations I would like to pursue in photographing nudes and photographers whose work I admire.
  • Requirements for models
  • Compensation to the model
  • My methodology in working with models
  • and a final statement


There is no finer creation of God's than the form of a woman. The soft, sensual forms and the gentle rhythm of line have inspired artist of both sexes for centuries. I want to continue that tradition with my own vision.

My experience with stage lighting is the catalyst to create nudes. When light interacts with skin it behaves in a uniquely beautiful manner. The light is both reflected and absorbed. Under the proper conditions the body seems to glow from within. It is my desire to capture this delicate interplay of light and skin on my film.

Also, in recent images of the nude I have been using the nude as a symbol of vulnerability and exposure. We all have felt unprotected and unloved at some time in our lives. One of the appeals of the nude (beyond the obvious and, in western culture, inherent eroticism) is the sense of the person depicted is at the mercy of some "other", be it either spirit, demon, nature or person.

Some may say that this type of photography objectifies the subject. To put it in the current vernacular, "NO DUH!" All photography is about making the subject an object. The process of capturing an image on film is using the light reflected from the object in front of the camera. The light can not be reflected from ones personality or character, but from the body. The object that houses the soul. Some portrait photographers say they can capture some aspect of ones personality but they can capture only a characteristic expression or gesture. One can not know a person from a photograph. I do not treat nor present my models as less than feeling human beings. I will create abstract compositions using fragments of the figure however the dignity of the model is always maintained.


I received my B.A. in Theatre with a concentrating on Stage Lighting Design. I minored in Studio Art taking courses in figure drawing, drawing and photography. Since graduation I have continued to work professionally in theatre and as a professional photographer for Fisons Corporation and Trader Publishing. My personal work has won awards. I have exhibited at the NY State Fair, Community Darkroom, Village Gate Square and the Memorial Art Gallery (It was the1996 Rochester, Fingerlakes Exhibition. In fact it was one of my nudes.) I am currently a member of Camera Rochester.


When most people consider nude photography they will likely think of PLAYBOY magazine. Although a legitimate form of nude photography it is not the only style. A nude photograph can be an insightful and loving portrait like those taken of Georgia O'Keefe by her husband, Alfred Steiglitz. It could be a psychological fantasy similar to the dreamlike work of Sarah Moon or the nightmarish images of Joel Peter Witkin. Herb Ritts works with male and female models showing the beauty of ideal forms. Abstract composition is what attracted photographers like Edward Weston and Ruth Bernhard while Helmut Newton creates tableaus charged with eroticism. Edward Muybridge studied the human form in motion with the models nude to better study the muscular and skeletal intricacies of movement and physical stress on the body. I plan to pursue as many forms of this subject as possible.


I dont require much from my models except a willingness to pose nude. I am looking for someone with a sense of pride in their body. I will not photograph anyone under the age of 18. The modesl should have an assistant such as a friend or family member. I do require a model release to be signed.

A model release is a legal document granting the right to use the photos taken of the model, in any way, to the photographer, with out further compensation to the model. This is a standard document used in all situations where the images are to be used in publication, exhibition and competition situations. Almost no model owns the photos taken of him or her. Most of the uses I will put the pictures to will most likely, but not be limited to the above stated situations.


I will pay $50.00 for the actual modeling session, after the model release has been signed. Within 2 weeks I will present to the model a set of contact or proof prints. From those the model can choose one image to be enlarged, mounted, matted and framed.


I will present to the model either a written concept or sketch of the pose and lighting. Sketches are to be used as a starting point. Models are strongly encouraged to make suggestions and be involved in the process of creating the pictures.

I will work in Black and White and Color. I will shoot in my home, the models home, in a studio, or outdoors. Any situation will be discussed with the model prior to the photo session. I am concerned witht the models comfort while getting an excellent photograph.

There will be scans of some of the sketches I have yet to complete. Link will be comming in the near future.

Final Thoughts

I consider myself to be an amateur in the truest sense of the word; as one who loves what they do. I also want to present myself in a professional manner. My goal is to create photographs that are beautiful and thought provoking. In attempting to acheive that goal I will need the help of other people. I will strive to treat my models with the respect thet deserve. For someone to pose nude for a photographer that person is paying a compliment to that photographer. The compliment is one of trust. I promise not to break that trust.

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