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  Stop2014.com began as a web link to a WhiteHouse.gov petition to stop the Plan 2014 administered by the International Joint Commission that regulates water levels in the Great Lakes. With the petition now archived, this web site now is a resource for those interested in preserving the Lake Ontario Shoreline.  

Essay by Sharon Lochman:


A cloud of angst hangs over our once majestic shoreline. We live daily with the heavy considerations of the surges and pounds. Flooding to the east. Flooding to the west. Crumbling break walls that threaten foundations. Basements filling. A shoreline disintegrating. Grant money – not yet doled out to a few, does not help the many. We remain one storm away from disaster with Plan 2014 intact. Neighbors – Friends – Family. We must stand together as a United Shoreline. A permanent alliance from Niagara to Oswego. Complacency will not get us out of this. Complacency will not ensure that this does not happen again. We need to protect ourselves. So that after the lake settles, and we all have had a chance to drain our basements and mend our break walls – that the water doesn’t slowly creep back up through political loopholes. We need an end to Plan 2014. Otherwise, houses will continue to flood and break walls crumble. We need to help ourselves and future generations by documenting our damages. Take the time required to go online and fill out the Cornell Survey. We need to educate ourselves. Do not allow the media to dictate your intelligence on matters of importance. Do the research and share your findings online. I know you’re tired. I’m tired. We are all tired. But, today I have enough left in me to work harder for my flooded neighbors. And when my break wall crumbles, you’ll be there to shift the load from my shoulders. We are in this together. We share this American Shore of dreams and possibilities. As a collective whole we need to make the President aware of what is going on. I called the White House. The person on the other end had never heard of Plan 2014. Shame on me. Shame on you. For every soul in Washington should be aware of what is going on along this American Shoreline! May our efforts be fruitful. May our legacy be the permanent protection of this American shoreline with a balanced protection for its inhabitants and its wildlife with consideration for commerce. May our united voice wake our great nation to the devastation caused by Plan 2014. We are Americans living on our American shore of dreams and possibilities. I am moved beyond words with your support. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes making this effort move forward with an adrenaline pace.

Sharon CassanoLochman


 A thought for the day 8/11/17:  A TV News reporter came to our house on Edgemere Drive one day recently and innocently asked: "Why do you guys still have all those sandbags up ? When are you going to take them down?"


I think that a good answer to that question is "We'll take them down when Plan 2014 is eradicated and a responsible Lake level management plan is in place..."  whk

2019 Update: We still have the terrible Plan 2014, and nothing has been done to change the idiotic trigger points. In the Fall of 2018 when there was no flooding in Canada, Lake Ontario could have been lowered as a preventative measure. Everybody was on notice. The disastrous flooding of 2017 looks like it will now be repeated.

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