Where in the world is Bill?

This page has been established to keep up with Bill and friends while on his ride to Alaska. 
I will try to keep up with them as they call in or email me information.
Yellow will be his out going trip  Bright Blue will be the return trip.

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Princeton Times


For more pictures of  Bills trip link to the following.        Alaska Trip


July 3- 03    Leaving Princeton Wv on a sunny Day.  4:00 pm                                           200 mi  est.
July 4 - 03  From Columbus Ohio to Urbana Illinois.             350 miles  estimate               550 mi  Total     
July 5 - 03  Urbana Il.  to Sc Cloud Mn.                               586mi today                          1136 mi Total         9:45  Bill called and they are all having fun.
July 6 - 03   St Clout MN to Estevan Canada                        546 mi Today                      1682 mi Total         Good trip    New tires need tomorrow//ok 
July 7 - 03    Estevan  to Edmonton                                      565 mi Today                      22247 mi total       Will get new tires in Dawson's Creek ,
Getting bikes checked in Edmonton and new tires for Bill.  Going for the Canadian Rockies instead of the Flatlands.
July 9- 03   Estevan to Jasper                                                       350                            2597          Jasper S P saw elk and a black wolf.  Deer crossed between JD and Skeen making it scary. Some heavy rain.
July 10-03  Jasper Jasper State Park to Dawson Creek S P       470                               3067                      Rockies are Beautiful
July  11 03     Dawson Creek to  White Horse   ??                         393                               3460            have seen a lot of WILD ANIMALS...had to wade through a herd of mt. goats and saw a BIG black bear, a herd of Buffalo, caribou, elk and moose,
July 12-03   Whitehorse  to Dawson                                                xxx                           xxx                       Will be in Alaska tomorrow. New Map.
July 13-03    Did not make Dawson City as planned.  Bill Skeen blew a tire  about 50 miles south .  They will Be at the  Klondike River Lodge 25 miles south of Dawson, camping out for the next couple of days.  At least until they can get a tire shipped in.
July 16-03  somewhere to Tok Alaska                                  no mileage in today's report            Bill and Jd   went on in to Alaska while Skeen waited on his tires.  They have separated but hope to get back together some place..   Will let you know when they call again.
July 17-03 Tok to Fairbanks                                                     xxxx                                4600 mi total           Bill Called today.  They are in Fairbanks.  Took a ferry from Dawson to the Top Of The World Highway which was awesome .  Met up with Skeen on the way to Fairbanks in a rain storm with the temperature at 42 degrees.  Jd and Skeen  cold but made it. Bill wired for heat. Bill Skeen leaving for home today with a stop or so on the way.  Bill and Jd  will stay for several days Before heading back via the Grand Canyon.  Cold Foot Alaska tomorrow ????
July 18-03  Fairbanks to Livengood                            no mileage               Arrived  in Livengood ,  crossed the Artic circle and received certificates .  Lots of new pictures on the net. Too cold to stay, snow and cold. temp was 38 degrees this morning. Traveled along the Alaskan Pipe Way.  Heading back to Fairbanks today..
July 19-03  Fairbanks to Tok                     no mileage                  Left Fairbanks this morning for Toke, tomorrow, on their way to Haines to catch a ferry Monday at 6:00 pm to Washington State.  Will get there early Friday.  Will Be relaxing and sleeping on the ferry.  The weather is perfect, 75 Degrees, no rain and beautiful scenery. May be no communication for several days.
July 20-03  Toke to Haines.                          no mileage            Should Be in Haines on  the 6:30 ferry back to Washington state.  I had to add some miles to the map, they were farther north than I had given them credit for. Nag Nag Nag.  Could be out of contact for a few days, will check in as soon as they can.  Don't forget to check on the new Pictures they took.
July 23-03                   No Miles.              Monday they left Haines in the rain and fog for the south.  Stopping for breaks at Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell and now are in Ketchikan.  The ferry has 7 decks , big observation decks, food ,bars, movies restaurants, and places to sleep on deck.  They have seen whales, porpoise, silver salmon, bald eagles and other creatures.  Will be in Bellingham WA. 8:00 Friday morning and on to Kirkland to get their bikes tuned up .  all is well.  Boat trip is about 1800 miles but worth the cost of the ride.
July 25- 03                No Miles       The Bikes are tuned up things are fine. Heading home tomorrow.
July 27 03 Bellingham, WA, To Forsyth MT                                   Traveled into Oregon to Mt. St. Helen's, Columbia River. back into WA and then east. made it to Forsyth, MT, today. It is so hot that even the locals can't believe it. 110 degrees on the bike. We both almost got sick today so stopped to
cool off. I almost dropped the bike in some road construction. Excellent save but it really scared me. We are going to try to get by Sturgis tonight
but that will mean about 700 miles today. I think we will be riding mostly at night from here on in.
July 31 03 Longest day I've ever ridden, 770 miles from Columbia, MO to Princeton, WV. Jim headed south in Ill toward Nashville to visit some friends. Unfortunately, in Valdosta, GA, he get rear-ended by a car. He was not hurt and, after some bike repair, was able to drive it on home . The trip was 8,957 miles not counting the 1,800 we rode on the ferry. Jim did about 1,300 more miles to his house. A great trip but I'm glad to be home.

Sorry for the delay in updating, Lynda and I went to the Grand Canyon, AZ. for a few days.

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