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Stingray is a name that I have used for many years and you might find it interesting as to how I got the name.  In the late 60s I had a 1962
Corvette and I was a member of the Wv Civil Defense and related organizations.  At the time I used a CB Radio and had an antenna on the back of the Vette. In the early 70s I got a 65 coupe which was on the road a lot.  When I would travel, other CB operators would see the antenna on
the Vette and the radio would come alive with something like, "How about that South bound Stingray, got your ears on?"  I would answer, "you have
the Stingray, south bound with the pedal to the metal."  The name stuck with me for many years in my travels and different Corvettes.  Now I
no longer use the CB radio,  I am a Ham Radio operator, and I Drive a white and blue 1989 Corvette convertible with an antenna on the back.



Want to see some Pictures of my 89 Vette click on it.

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Motorcycling WV
Ruble's Yesterday's Rides 
Bob Frazier  /  Big Creek Owls







Looking out my window.


Where in the world is Bill?
Bill and two friends ride their bikes to Alaska and back.

The Old Aviators Club
A group of friends that meet for breakfast and tell wild war tells.

Our Days Inn Adventure
My wife and I will no longer stay at Days Inn after our adventure at the Va location.










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Crottynet is a collection of web sites created by Stingray. There are several different sites to check out and they change occasionally.  You can check us out at


Wayne and Lynda Crotty have put up this site so that you might see who they are and get to know them. Here you will find information abouth them their failmy and friends, and some of their travles.

wvSitesva is a collection of url's for southern West Virginia and Eastern Virginia. Here you will find commercial as well as personal site links as well as other information.

Yesterdays Rides Is all about David Ruble and his car collection as well as local street rods and classic cars. You can find music, car shows and other information at this site.


Days until some one has a bitrhday


Photos we have taken


During our travels, Lynda and I take lots of pictures
and I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of these pictures. You can see more photographs at the
 crottynet site.


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Dulcie Meadows Crotty
Shannon & Beulah Hill
Montcalm Middle School
Tabitha Crotty
Bent Mountain Resort