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Amanda I

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This is actually my second Boudoir session. She posted on Craigslist for a photographer. She said she received plenty of responses but except for mine the rest were "creepy". We scheduled this shoot at her friend's house. The interior was challenging but the images on the porch are my personal favorites.

My first Boudoir sitting was with a dear friend. Since becoming a mom, that client was feeling uncomfortable having her Boudoir session on the internet. Totally understandable and considering our relationship, I felt is was in everybody's interest to take them off the web.

However, I am looking to book more Boudoir clients. In order to do so I need to build up my portfolio. If you are interested in a Boudoir Photography Experience, send an email to email Michael Putorti and we can discuss terms. I will ask you to sign a model release in order to use your photos on the site

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