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I have made it my task to transcribe the catholic church registers of Klein Tinz, the village of my grandmother, Anna Maria Auguste Milde.  Please excuse the German-English hodge-podge. When I'm done, I plan to upload the data to Family Search. For that reason, many entries and notes are in English. However, I have entered the designations for occupation and status as they appear in the registers in German.

Since I am by myself in this task and cannot ask anyone for a second opinion or confirmation of what I've read, I'd appreciate corrections of any mistakes.  The data are not yet ready for uploading to There's still some clean-up and refinement to do. Still missing are a double-check, complete entries for religion, and remarks for entries or locations that are ambiguous.

Unless there was an obvious mistake in spelling or minor corrections, most entries have been left as written in the registers. (examples: the village Neuen was entered in the book as Neun; Schuhmachermeister was spelled Suhmachermeister in the book; I shortened the th as in Miethgärtner to Mietgärtner).

For the most part, names were entered as they appeared in the registers.  There were a few exceptions where the spelling of names differed in later entries.  Any such deviations in spelling of first, last or maiden names were noted in the source reference.  Where the long "s" appeared together with the round "s", it was entered as "ß".

In case corrections or additional lookups become necessary, I have ordered the microfilms for an indefinite period to the Family History Center of Elk Grove, California.


For confirmation of geographic entries I have relied mainly on Kartenmeister and the Genealogische Ortsverzeichnis, and have used their spelling.

Sometimes a village name was shown without indication of its county, and Kartenmeister listed several villages by that name in Silesia. In those cases, I assumed it referred to the village and county closest to Klein Tinz. For determination of distance, I used Kartenmeister's grid references and Wie weit ist es?  

Please note that there were at least five villages named Tinz in Silesia:

Lists (in preparation)

Place Names


Occupation and Station

Causes of Death

Statistics by year:




Comparison 1890-1920


The Marriage Register

The marriage register is recorded on Item 7, Microfilm Number 1706140 from the Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Its entries date from  October 24, 1791 to December 16, 1900.

The marriage register has 152 pages of which the first 95 page were numbered.  Reference entries with page numbers higher than 95 reflect what the page numbers would have been if numbering had continued.  The third page was not numbered. The fourth page was numbered page 3.  Page 43 is missing on the microfilm. Dates skip from 4 Nov 1828 on page 42 to 22 Nov 1829 on page 44.  Following page 149, there was a civil certificate of marriage inserted between the pages.  In the process of photographing the marriage register, this certificate was photographed also.  It certifies the marriage on 2 Feb 1898 of the Milchpachter Johann Karl August KLEINERT of Paschwitz, Kreis
Breslau and the unmarried Agnes Johanna Bertha KLEINERT of Klein Tinz, Kreis Breslau.

All couples with a wedding date can be presumed to be catholic unless indicated otherwise. This assumption is not valid for their parents, however. The parents were probably of the same religion as their children, but this is not indicated in the marriage entries.

Witnesses were only listed when related somehow to my own ancestors.

In the individual wedding entries, the family relationships for the bride and the groom are unambiguous. However, when consolidating families with several children using only wedding entries, caution is in order. There were only hints available, such as: age and order of birth; location and occupation of the father; and temporal proximity of birth among siblings and to the parents' wedding. Since the number of village inhabitants was usually fewer than 500, I also considered whether or not the last name was a common one. Since there are no longer any birth or death records except for the decade between 1890-1900 with which to verify these relationships, they should be accepted with caution. Exceptions are church record excerpts made before the destruction as for example for proof of Aryan ancestry. I would appreciate any copies of such excerpts.

With few exceptions, the wedding entries list the age of the bride and groom in years. To determine the year of birth, the age was subtracted from the year of the wedding. For this reason, it is possible that in many cases the true year of birth was a year earlier than the calculated one. It is also possible that two siblings have the same calculated year of birth even though they were not necessarily twins.

The Baptismal Register

The baptismal register is recorded on Item 6, Microfilm Number 1706140 from the Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Its 31 pages contain entries from December 26, 1889 to November 17, 1900.

After the entry dated Juli 17, 1893 the following remark appears:

"Diese bisher als Duplicat geführte
Taufmatrik wird vom 30. Juli 1893
ab als Original Taufmatrik geführt.

Klein Tinz, den 1. August 1893
This baptismal register which has
been kept as duplicate will be kept as
the original starting July 30, 1893.

Klein Tinz, 1. August 1893

Joseph Marmetschke


Joseph Marmetschke

Parish Administrator


The Burial Register


The burial register consists of two volumes recorded on two different microfilms from the Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  One volume covers the years 1879 to 1900 and is recorded as Item 2 on Microfilm Number 1706141.  The second volume covers the years 1890 to 1900, but is recorded on two different microfilms:  entries from January 4, 1890 to  December 17,  1894 are recorded in Item 8, Microfilm Number 1706140; and entries from September 3, 1894 to January 11, 1900 are recorded in Item 1, Microfilm Number 1706141.